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As of September 2015, The California Department of Motor Vehicles has 179 offices across the entire state, including in Bakersfield, Long Beach, Napa, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena. California residents can use the DMV website to find locations alphabetically or by proximity to a specific location.


Some of the newest California DMV laws as of 2015 include AB 60, which requires DMV offices to issue driver licenses to individuals who present proof of identity and California residency and who pass a written and road test. Additionally, California DMV authorized a new ID designation for veterans.


Prepare for the California DMV test by reviewing the California Driver Handbook and answering the practice test questions in the handbook. The questions on the driver's test come directly from the state's handbook, so use the handbook as a study tool to create flash cards or practice tests in prepar


The California DMV practice tests are a series of tests prepared and offered to beginning and experienced drivers who want to obtain a California driver's license. The tests prepare an individual before getting a learner's permit or a driver's, motorcycle or commercial license. These give the prospe


To make an appointment to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, visit their website and click on the button that says you want an office visit or a driving test. Fill out the information required on the next page and click on the Submit button to complete the reservation.


The California Department of Motor Vehicles provides interpreter services in Spanish, and it does so at no cost. As of 2015, customers can call 800-777-0133 during regular business hours and indicate that Spanish language assistance is needed to schedule an appointment with a Spanish-speaking DMV re


California DMV practice tests are made available online at dmv.ca.gov. There are practice tests available for those seeking to obtain a Commercial (Class A or B), Regular (Class C) or Motorcycle (Class M) license.


The content of the California Department of Motor Vehicles driving test consists of driving scenarios that a prospective licensee must successfully execute, such as backing a vehicle, driving through intersections and business and residential areas. Applicants who commit even one critical driving er


On the California DMV website, the online appointment system can be accessed under the "Online Services" header. Users can visit dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv, place their mouse pointer over the "Online Services" link to view a row of available options and then select "Appointments."


To find a bill of sale form provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, click on the Forms tab at the top right of the main page at DMV.CA.Gov; on the next page, click the Commonly Used link beneath the General Use heading to bring up the Most Commonly Used Forms page. The form (REG 135