Individuals can search California public records and gain information on obtaining records by visiting the Public Records Search page of the California government website or the State of California Department of Justice ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

While the process for accessing Superior Court records varies slightly by state and by county, most jurisdictions provide access to court records via their websites or in person at the court clerk's office. As the Superi... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The website for the National Center for State Courts,, provides searchable access to state court dockets. Nominal fees are charged for records searches, with cost determined either per search or per page. More » Technology Internet & Networking

Access public records for Ada County, Idaho, by completing a Public Records Request Form on the county's website at, navigating to Services, and selecting the Public Records Request option. Public law en... More » Government & Politics Public Records

According to the California Public Records Act of 1968, all public records in California are available to the public except those specifically exempted by case or statutory law. Specific public records available to the p... More »

In order to search public records for Loudoun County, Virginia, visit the Loudoun County page for Courts and Public Records. Follow the Vital Records link on the sidebar to the Office of Vital Records for Virginia. From ... More » Government & Politics Public Records

The State of California provides links to all of its available public records on its official website at Some of the types of public records that users can search include state government records, crime/court rec... More » Government & Politics Public Records