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Ready Ratios states that variable costs are calculated by dividing marginal costs over units produced. Variable costs are expenses that vary according to production output, so they rise and fall with a company's level of production.


Variable interest rates are actually two rates added together. The first is a fixed rate called "margin" that is based on the credit worthiness of the borrower. The second rate varies and is tied to the movement of a specified index as stipulated in the loan contract.


Free online calculators are similar to the physical calculators that people use at home and at the office. The only difference is that everything is displayed on the computer monitor or tablet screen. You do not need to carry a calculator with you anymore as online calculators are perfect substitute


Online calculators like the Web 2.0 Scientific Calculator, the variable meta-calculator and the basic Online Calculator are all readily available to the public for free online use in whatever capacity the user desires. The meta-calculator can function as a graphing calculator, a standard calculator,


Online calculators are used in the same manner as hand-held calculators. Calculations can be formulated online or the calculator can be downloaded to your computer. The numbers that require calculation can be inputted from the computer keyboard. Enlarged versions are available for individuals with w


Reliable and free online calculators can be found at Calculator.net, web2.0calc.com and Calculator-1.com, as of 2015. These sites provide various easy-to-use calculators for many different occasions.


Calculators are available online that perform simple arithmetic functions such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, in addition to square roots and percentages. Online scientific calculators are used to handle more complex operations involving trigonometric functions, exponents, lo


In math, a dependent variable is one in an expression, equation or function that depends upon one or more other variables' values to determine its value. The dependent variable is usually isolated on one side of an equation. For example, "x" is the dependent variable in the equation x=y+1.


A variable cost is money that a company spends in direct proportion with its production output. As production goes up, so do the variable costs. If production drops, the variable costs drop as well. These differ from such fixed costs as advertising, rent, office supplies and insurance, which general


Find online calculators for determining a person's weight or body mass index on sites such as CDC.gov, NHS.uk, NIH.gov and MayoClinic.org. Body mass index is a formula that compares people's weight to their height based on a predetermined chart of ratios.