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Convert a fraction to a decimal by first converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and then dividing the numerator by the denominator. Round the answer to the appropriate number of significant figures. The time to complete the process depends on the student's math skills and the use of a calcul


A fraction can be converted to its equivalent decimal by dividing its numerator by its denominator. For example, the fraction 3/4 can be converted to a decimal by dividing its numerator (3) by its denominator (4), which results in 0.75, its equivalent decimal. The fraction 5/8 can be similarly conve


To write a decimal as a fraction, first write a fraction with the decimal as the numerator and the integer one as the denominator. Then perform a mathematical operation on the fraction to get rid of the decimal point and simplify the fraction.


Calculators for decimals, like all calculators, perform mathematical functions by converting our base 10 numbers into base two numbers and then performing the requested function. Conceptually, decimals seem different than working with whole numbers. However, calculators handle them the same. The onl


A fraction calculator allows a user to specify two fractions' numerators and denominators and perform basic mathematical operations on them. A user can do addition, subtraction, multiplication or division of fractions.


The easiest way to convert a decimal to a fraction is to let a computer do it for you. Most scientific calculators like those currently produced by Casio or Texas Instruments include a button or feature that allows instant conversion between decimals and fractions. Alternatively, free online resourc


Calculators that add fractions can be found both in-store and online at retailers such as Walmart, Sears and Office Depot. Prices and availability vary by brand of calculator, store and location.


To calculate equivalent fractions, take a fraction and divide or multiply both of its numbers by the same figure. An action must always be performed to both parts of the fraction when calculating equivalent figures.


Calculator Soup and Rapid Tables offer free online calculators for converting percentages to decimals. Calculator Soup converts the entered percentage to a decimal, revealing the answer and the calculation of dividing the percentage by 100. The site also offers a reset button to quickly start anothe


The benefits of using a calculator with a fraction button include the easy conversion of decimals to fractions and the use of mixed numbers without converting them to improper fractions. The option to use improper fractions is also a benefit, as well as the ability to perform algebraic fractions.