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A trapezoid is a quadrilateral with two parallel sides. In geometry, you may be asked to find a missing side of a trapezoid, given the area and height.


A trapezoid is defined as a quadrilateral with two parallel sides. As with any polygon, to find the perimeter of a trapezoid you need to add all four of its sides together. However, often you will be missing side lengths but have other information, such as the height of the trapezoid, or the angle measurements.


Explanation: . In this problem the lengths for each of the bases and the height of the isosceles trapezoid is provided in the question prompt. In order to find the length for one of the two equivalent nonparallel legs of the trapezoid (side ), first use the height of the trapezoid to form right triangles on the interior of the trapezoid that each have a base length of .


How to find the missing side length of a trapezoid: Here we are going to see how to find the missing side length of a trapezoid. Definition of trapezium : The definition of trapezium is entirely different in both US and UK. In US a quadrilateral which is having no parallel sides is called trapezium.


Finding a Trapezoid's Missing Base Length MrsSteelePreAlgebra. ... In this mini-lesson you'll learn how to use the area of a trapezoid to find a missing base length. ... BRIGHT SIDE Recommended ...


How to find the missing length of a trapezoid using the midsegment formula Brian McLogan ... A trapezoid is isosceles is one pair of opposite sides are equal. A trapezoid is a right trapezoid if ...


Trapezoid area = ((sum of the bases) ÷ 2) • height Lines BC and AD are parallel and are called bases. Lines AB and DC are the non-parallel sides and are called legs. Lines AC (or q) and BD (or p) are called diagonals The line perpendicular to lines AD & BC is called the height or altitude. The line parallel to lines AD & BC, is at the midpoints of lines AB and DC and is called the median o...


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The midsegment of a trapezoid is the segment that joins the midpoints of the nonparallel sides of a trapezoid. In the trapezoid below, the midpoints of the non-parallel sides are points S and V. The midsegment is the red line segment from S to V. Example Midsegment . Trapezoid #10. Step 1.


Best Answer: 1) A trapezoid is defined as a quadrilateral which has two of its sides parallel. One possibility is that the two 38" sides are parallel and then the other side is 72" so it is a parallelogram. The other possibility is that there is a missing side parallel to the 72" side and the two sides that are 38" are not parallel.