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Doubling Time. Serum PSA is measured using the Hybritech assay (San Diego, CA). The PSA doubling time (DT) is calculated assuming that PSA changes over time in an exponential fashion (Patel 1997): (1) where PSA(t) is the PSA level at time t after study enrolment, PSA(0) is the PSA level at baseline, λ and γ are linear and quadratic rates.


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The researchers looked at PSA doubling times of less than three months, three to nine months, nine to 15 months, and more than 15 months. The patients in the first two groups did poorly. The patients in the nine-to-15-month group did fairly well. [See “PSA doubling time,” below.]


The potential PSA doubling time (PSAdt) This is the time it take the the blood PSA to double. it is sometimes referred to as the PSA velocity In many cases it hasn't actually doubled but the potential doubling time can be estimated by the following calculation.


PSA Velocity Calculator. Test #1


PSA doubling time of greater than 12 months was favorable for this group of patients, and the onset of a rise in PSA beyond 12 months was also favorable. The researchers analyzed data for the patients untreated for rising PSA as well as for the patients with distant metastases at the time of rising PSA.


PSA doubling time (Td) is estimated from a linear regression of ln(PSA) on time, assuming a simple exponential growth model. Results: As of March 2000, 134 patients have been on the study for a minimum of 12 months (median, 24; range, 12–52) and have a median frequency of PSA measurement of 7 times (range, 3–15).


This PSA density calculator is an easy tool which enables you to evaluate your PSA density - an important indicator of prostate cancer in patients with a mildly elevated PSA. To determine the density of PSA, you are going to need your PSA result and the volume of your prostate or its dimensions.


Online calculator for lung nodule volume-doubling time, copyright: Tore Sjøboden


PSA doubling time <12 months for PSA≥ 10 ng/mL PSA doubling time ≤ 6 months based on 3 consecutive measurements obtained ≥ 2 months apart We don’t have black and white rules on when to start ADT in this group of patients, so these points should be considered a starting point for a discussion with you and your physicians.