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*/ Cal State LA has 115 academic programs in 60 majors in six colleges. Nationally-recognized programs include business, engineering and nursing, and Cal State LA is listed as one of California's major producers of teachers. To learn more about the education that Cal State LA offers, log onto the University Catalog at ecatalog.calstatela.edu.


View all CSU Campus Locations. Click on the link below to go to a map of the CSU campuses located all over California. See Campus Map


The most popular major at California State University Los Angeles is Business Administration and Management followed by Social Work and Criminal Justice/Safety Studies. A list of all 56 available majors and annual graduates is presented below.


Majors Offered Majors offered at California State University-Los Angeles are classified by the U.S. Department of Education under the following instructional programs: Show All


The College of Professional and Global Education (PaGE) offers a variety of unique, flexible, and collaborative academic undergraduate and graduate programs for working professionals to meet the needs of today's growing marketplace.


Discover the majors and programs offered by California State University - Los Angeles and the types of degrees awarded. Arts Business Education Health Professions Humanities Protective Services Science, Technology, and Math Trades and Personal Services


Undergraduate Study: General Information Introductory Comments. California State University, Los Angeles offers the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science degrees. The specific bachelor’s degrees and academic majors are listed below. Minors and certificate programs are also available in many fields, and are also listed below.


Learn about the majors and degree programs offered at California State University - Fullerton. Let College Factual help you discover whether Cal State Fullerton offers the right fit, value and cost to meet your educational goals.


Honors courses are offered through the Honors College at Cal State LA and through individual departments and programs at the university. While the definition of an honors course must be flexible enough to accommodate courses in everything from the arts and humanities to the sciences and professional programs, honors courses typically:


Undergraduate Degree Programs, Options & Concentrations. CSU Dominguez Hills offers a wide selection of outstanding degrees that reflect today’s in-demand fields. Our degree programs offer a well-rounded curriculum that combines rigorous academics with a practical education. Undergraduate Programs [PDF] COLLEGE OF ARTS & HUMANITIES (CAH)