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Use this search to view your current SAM Registration Status and credentials. You can also use this form to find your DUNS Number or CAGE Code.

federal.famr.us/cage-code/?keyword=Cage Code Number...

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A Commercial and Government Entity (“CAGE”) Code is a five-character ID number necessary for all companies looking to be awarded contracts by the federal government. The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) issues CAGE Numbers, and it is the only entity authorized to do so. There is no cost to obtain or update a CAGE Code. STEPS 1.

federal.famr.us/cage-code/?keyword=What Is A CAGE Code...

A current CAGE code is required for any business, organization, or agency that is eligible to, or plans to, receive payments from the federal government. A fully accurate and compliant SAM registration is required in order to obtain a CAGE code and qualify for federal contracts or grants.


A Commercial and Government Entity, or CAGE, code is a federal identification number for businesses that contract with the government. All companies that want to do business with the federal ...


This link is to a document that explains CAGE/NCAGE procedures. It also includes the process as they relate to registering in and updating data in U.S. System for Award Management (SAM). We highly recommend organizations trying to do business with the U.S. Federal government read the document and follow the instructions.


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General Instructions for Registering in DUNS / SAM If you have not previously registered in DUNS or SAM, read all instructions below before you register in these systems. IMPORTANT FACTS 1. All organization/entity information MUST BE IDENTICAL IN BOTH DUNS and SAM. You cannot enter one address for DUNS and then a different address for SAM.


The Federal Contractor Registry (FCR) is a third-party registration service that assists small to large businesses, Fortune 500 companies & state/county/city government agencies with System for Award Management (SAM) registration (formerly CCR registration & ORCA certification legacy systems).


US Federal Contractor Registration, the world’s largest third-party registration firm, can do it for you. It also can handle your mandatory SAM Registration renewal each year, enroll you in its Simplified Acquisition Program, make sure you’re qualified for all applicable set-asides, train you on submitting bids, and so much more.