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A CAGE code search refers to searches performed to obtain supplier information for defense agencies or governmental entities. The identifier is generally given to governmental contractors or is assigned to a government facility to pinpoint a site's location.


The Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) codes are five-digit numbers used as a contractor identifier for firms doing business with the Department of Defense. They are used as a method of identifying a given facility at a specific location.


Look up a CAGE code using the Business Identification Number Cross-Reference System, a database maintained by the Defense Logistics Information Service, or by contacting the DLIS Customer Interaction Center. The Customer Interaction Center can be reached by the email address or telephone number list


Commercial and government entity, or CAGE, codes, which are assigned by the Defense Logistic Agency of the Department of Defense, can be located using the CAGE code search function on the Defense Logistic Agency website. The link on the Defense Logistic Agency's website takes a user to the business


In order to locate a company's CAGE code, visit the SAM.gov website and enter the company's business name in the Search Records link. SAM stands for the System for Awards Management and is the official United States government system for consolidating information relating to government contracts. Fr


A Commercial and Government Entity, or CAGE, code finder is a search tool used to locate organizations looking to do business or that are already doing business with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO. This code is a five-digit identifier that can include letters or numbers. Each countr


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