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Find cable providers in your area by searching with your address on allconnect or CableMover. Use the services of either company online or by calling their phone numbers.


The top four cable providers according to value as of 2015 are AT&T U-verse, Time Warner Cable, Comcast Xfinity and Cablevision's Optimum TV, according to Reviews.com. The best value from AT&T U-verse comes from its entry- to mid-level plans, offering the most competitive rates. DirectTV, part of th


AT&T, Xfinity, and Time Warner Cable are some well-known cable service providers in the United States. These providers typically provide basic cable services packaged with other digital services.


A number of websites have tools for finding television providers that service a given address, including AllConnect.com, BroadbandExpert.com and InMyArea.com. Users can search for an address or ZIP code on these websites and see a list of available television plans. These tools are not specific to c


Free cable service is a package of cable television channels provided to customers free of charge. As of 2015, there are no cable television service providers in the United States that offer cable television channel packages for free.


As of 2015, Reviews.com and MoneySavingPro.com rated AT&T U-Verse and Comcast Xfinity as some of the top cable services. Both websites claim AT&T provides customers with reasonable prices to fit any budget. The company also uses fiber optic cable for its service, which provides clear and high-qualit


Customers can find a list of local cable TV providers by searching with their address on allconnect. It is a free service that is available online or by phone.


Basic cable is legally defined as cable service that retransmits local broadcast signals, so almost all basic cable packages include local channels for the area of service. Additional features are dependent on the cable provider, but they may include certain national cable channels and on-demand ser


Cable channels vary by provider. For instance, some cable providers offer channels that are exclusive to their service. Also, a cable channel lineup may vary based upon the region in which it is offered or through a tiered system of subscription costs.


InternetProvidersbyZip.com allows U.S. residents to find a list of their local Internet and cable providers by typing a ZIP code into a search box. The search gives the user a list of local providers at a given time.