Cable companies that service a particular area can be found by doing an online search at a couple of different websites, including Connect My Cable and BroadbandExpert. Both allow users to simply enter their address and/... More » Technology Television & Video

Find cable providers in your area by searching with your address on allconnect or CableMover. Use the services of either company online or by calling their phone numbers. More » Technology Television & Video

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Cable companies that offer channel packages that include live college football games are Cox Cable, TimeWarner Cable, Charter Communications and XFINITY by Comcast. Channels on these networks carrying live college footba... More » Technology Television & Video allows U.S. residents to find a list of their local Internet and cable providers by typing a ZIP code into a search box. The search gives the user a list of local providers at a given time. More » Technology Television & Video

Filters, also known as traps, are security devices used by cable companies to ensure that customers receive only the services they pay for. Customers cannot remove filters themselves as they are securely installed. Autho... More »