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The best cable packages offer cheap rates; the providers include Time Warner Cable and Comcast Xfinity, according to Reviews.com. They can keep the cable bill low and are very transparent of any price increases.


The three major alternatives to cable Internet are DSL, satellite and cellular. DSL requires a particular type of phone line, satellites may require a clear view of the northern sky, and cellular requires being within range of a 3G or 4G network for high-speed access.


As of 2015, AT&T does not offer cable packages, but instead offers two cable TV alternative services, U-verse TV and DIRECTV. Both packages provide AT&T customers access to a wide range of television channels and can be packaged along with other AT&T products, such as Internet and phone data.


Find cable providers in your area by searching with your address on allconnect or CableMover. Use the services of either company online or by calling their phone numbers.


Rogers Cable offers dozens of cable packages designed to fit all budgets and television preferences. As of February 2015, Rogers' basic Digital TV cable package cost $40.48 per month and featured 160 channels, including specialty channels.


Telecommunications companies such as AT&T, Cox and Dish offer a variety of service packages, including ones with TV and Internet access. Most providers offer the services separately or bundled together.


Without cable or Internet service, it is possible to watch TV with satellite service or by picking up local broadcasts with a digital antenna. The two major satellite providers in the United States are Dish Network and DirecTV.


As of February 2015, Dish Network offers a basic cable package called the Smart Pack. The Smart Pack includes more than 55 channels, including popular and basic channels like Nickelodeon, Hallmark Channel, Discovery Family Channel, Fox News Channel, NBA League Pass and the Weather Channel.


Media outlets, such as Time and Consumer Affairs, report that consumer interest in the pay-for-cable television model is waning in favor of cheaper alternatives, including Internet television. However, as of March 2015, the majority of United States consumers still receive some form of cable televis


InternetProvidersbyZip.com allows U.S. residents to find a list of their local Internet and cable providers by typing a ZIP code into a search box. The search gives the user a list of local providers at a given time.