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A cable TV box is a type of set top box that unscrambles encrypted cable TV channels and transmits them to a television set. The receiver is required for customers who subscribe to cable TV, as they cannot view cable channels without one.


Prospective Time Warner Cable customers can visit the company's website and enter their home address to find out if the company services their area. Another way to find out is to call 855-234-4898 and speak to a representative.


A USB cable connects two electronic devices via a USB port. The cable allows the transfer of data or files between the two devices. The end of the cable has a connector that fits a standard USB port.


The principal function of a data cable is to transfer binary communication signals from source to destination. The binary data sent over data cables are a sequence of ones and zeros; they are usually in the form of electrical signals.


The different types of cable connectors include audio, Centronics, D-sub, digital video, DIN, fiber and networking, FireWire, internal, modular, power, SCSI, specialty, USB and video. Depending on the cable, it may be used with computers, televisions, cameras, audio devices or other electronics.


Cable clips are used to bundle wires and cables to keep them organized and avoid tangles. They ensure that wires and cables are in place and remain inconspicuous, whether it be in an industrial, office or home setup.


To get cable channels without a cable connection, install an indoor antenna, use a streaming video service, buy desired cable shows one at a time through iTunes or Amazon or install a video streaming box or over-the-air DVR. Cable television options are available with minimal amount of additional eq


The kick-down cable is part of the transmission, which is tied to the accelerator. When a person releases the gas pedal, the kick-down cable moves the valve inside the transmission to transition to a lower gear when the vehicle decelerates.


Media outlets, such as Time and Consumer Affairs, report that consumer interest in the pay-for-cable television model is waning in favor of cheaper alternatives, including Internet television. However, as of March 2015, the majority of United States consumers still receive some form of cable televis


A USB A-to-B cable is a cable that is meant to be plugged in only one way and features two different connectors to make it impossible to connect incorrectly. USB A is the upstream port and USB B is the downstream port.