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The California DMV does not mail forms for tax purposes, but the information drivers need can be found on documents they already have. All or part of the vehicle license fee may be used as a tax deduction.


As of September 2015, The California Department of Motor Vehicles has 179 offices across the entire state, including in Bakersfield, Long Beach, Napa, Rancho Cucamonga and Pasadena. California residents can use the DMV website to find locations alphabetically or by proximity to a specific location.


Each of the 50 states and Washington, D.C. have their own Department of Motor Vehicles, and each of these maintains an independent website. An index of all of these sites can be found at the Nevada DMV website.


To find mailing addresses for free, use the Whitepages website to search for a person's name, then click on "View Full Profile" to find that person's mailing address. If the person or someone he or she live with is in the Whitepages database, then the mailing address should come up by viewing his or


Several online directory services, such as Whitepages.com, YellowPages.com and 411.com, provide listed addresses for individuals across the country. All three services provide address information for free, if publicly available.


The hours of operation for the Department or Division of Motor Vehicles varies by location, but are generally open during normal business hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. These departments are separate entities from each other, operated by state governments.


The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, also known as PennDOT, handles driver's licensing in the state via the website dmv.pa.gov. Online services include driver's license renewal, driver's test scheduling and vehicle registration renewal. The website includes a location finder for PennDOT of


As of 2015, there is a DMV office that operates within the city of Sacramento, California. The Sacramento DMV office is open between Monday to Friday and provides various services, including vehicle registration, motorcycle driving test and processing for both driver's licenses and ID cards.


According to GoDaddy, the .CA domain extension in an Internet address represents that the website has connections to or is intended to cater to Canadian audiences. The extension is the official top-level domain name extension for Canada.


To look up someone's mailing address by name, use reverse look-up websites such as AnyWho.com and Whitepages.com. Alternatively, use a website that scans public records such as Zaba Search. All these websites allow address look-up for free. Also, browse through the social networking websites.