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c/o: Care of. An abbreviation that is used to direct correspondence to a particular place. It is typically used for an addressee who is not at the usual place where he or she would receive correspondence. For example, a letter could be sent to "ABC Company, c/o John Smith", or "XYZ Company, c/o Human Resources department".


what's the meaning of C/O in a letter heading? Answer Save. 14 Answers. Relevance. Christy. Lv 4. 1 decade ago. Favorite Answer. It means Care of - for example, if you were receiving a letter to you at your parents it would be: Your Name. c/o your parent's name. your address. your city, state, zip. 0 7 0. Sunsu.


C/o definition: You write c / o before an address on an envelope when you are sending it to someone who... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples


c/o definition: 1. abbreviation for care of: used in addresses when the person you are writing to is staying at…. Learn more.


The most common abbreviation in the UK for "care of" is "c/o", so we would have written . Joe Black c/o John Doe. In fact, I note that the Wiktionary link given by @NateEldredge gives "c/o" as the first abbreviation listed, and does not even list "co".


C/O Envelope Addressing What does it mean? Often abbreviated as c/o, “care of” means through someone or by way of someone. This phrase indicates that something is to be delivered to an addressee where they don’t normally receive correspondence.


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Define c/o. c/o synonyms, c/o pronunciation, c/o translation, English dictionary definition of c/o. abbr. care of abbreviation for 1. care of 2. accounting carried over 1. Colorado. 2. Commanding Officer. 3. conscientious objector. Chem. Symbol. C/o - definition of c/o by The Free Dictionary.


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Care of, usually abbreviated as c/o on envelopes, signifies an intermediary who is responsible for transferring a piece of mail between the postal system and the final addressee. For example when the addressee has no standard address, is under a corporate mail system, or is being manually forwarded mail sent to a more accessible location.