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A buzz marketing example would be if a company decides to promote a product through some type of event centered around a show or stunt of some kind where consumers can try the product and are encouraged to share their experiences through everyday conversation or online. Another term for buzz marketing is astroturfing.


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Definition: The Buzz Marketing is the practice of creating an excitement among the users and the consumers about a particular product, service, brand or the company. It is one of the forms of Word- of-Mouth, wherein the users give a buzz i.e. create a hype among the consumers about a product or service they have recently experienced.


Buzz definition, a low, vibrating, humming sound, as of bees, machinery, or people talking. See more.


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Buzz definition is - to make a low continuous humming sound like that of a bee. How to use buzz in a sentence. ... Spectacles are not a significant part of Snap’s business and have generated little buzz since the initial launch in late 2016. — Kurt Wagner, ...


1. Anything that creates excitement or stimulus. 2. The feeling experienced by someone in a stimulated state. 3. Gossip.


Abuzz definition, buzzing. See more. full of or alive with activity, talk, etc.: The company was abuzz with rumors about the new owner.


Buzz Marketing. Explore the Strategy of Buzz Marketing. We have all played a marketing role at some point. When we rave about a new restaurant to a friend, we (perhaps inadvertently) drum up business for it.


Buzz marketing is used in those cases when the arsenal of traditional methods is exhausted and the company needs new, more effective marketing solutions. The Benefits Of Buzz Marketing ABSOLUTELY UNKNOWN FOR COMPETITORS. In order to notice the conversation, it is necessary to be involved in it. It's almost impossible to track word of mouth.