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To buy gold and silver, only buy from reputable dealers and know the value of the metals beforehand. Conduct thorough research to find the best prices.


Gold can be sold by the ounce to Internet gold buying sites, such as CashForGold.com. Gold sites typically accept gold jewelry, broken gold, scrap gold and gold coins through the mail. The companies pay customers by the ounce or gram.


Before buying cheap investment properties, conduct due diligence to determine their condition, and have an investment strategy before selecting a property, according to Bankrate. Set a budget to correct maintenance issues in a property before leasing it out, and If you plan to invest in rental prope


Buying a foreclosed house can be a good investment because it's possible to buy a marketable property for about 20 percent under the going rate for a given neighborhood, explains Bankrate. However, it's important to inspect the condition of a foreclosed house carefully and to understand the process.


Buying a new truck is rarely a better investment than buying one used. Vehicles that are used for transportation rarely appreciate in value.


There are no guarantees with stock investments, however, though it may be a significant amount of time before graphene products are commercialized, it does appear that graphene stocks in the LED and solar lighting products would be profitable in time, according to Forbes. The rest of the application


Buy used gold dredging equipment online on several platforms, top among them being Goldfeverprospecting.com, Bedrockdreams.com and Gold Dredge Worx. These sites, apart from providing this equipment for sale, also offer information on specific dredging equipment. The sites also offer leads and purcha


Some effective methods of investing in gold include doing so through exchange-traded-funds, closed-end funds, single stocks, gold coins and gold jewelry, reports the CNBC website. Gold is a precious metal that analysts compare against other investment options, reports the Houston Chronicle.


While many factors determine if an investment is good or bad, gold, silver and other precious metals are too volatile for most investors, particularly retirees, according to AARP. It is an emotional form of money, but it does not produce anything.


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