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A couch or sofa is a major furniture investment, and one you may live with for decades, so it's important to make a good decision. Style preferences are a personal matter, but when it comes to choosing a good-quality sofa, there are objective criteria you can use to ensure you're getting a sofa you can be happy with for many years.


Buying a sofa is a big decision. Before you hit the store, read our guide to finding a model that's well-made, comfortable and totally your style.


Buying a new sofa is a lot like buying a new car. There are tons of different styles, options, brands, types, and features. Muddling through all of the unfamiliar jargon can be overwhelming, and we understand how you feel.That's why we've created this sofa buying guide to help you narrow down your options and understand exactly what you’re purchasing.


Whatever your family calls it -- sofa, settee, divan, davenport -- it's a major investment. To get the best sit for your buck, follow these five steps: They take the "ouch" out of couch.


Buying a sofa is tricky. It will likely be one of the largest pieces of furniture you own, which makes it both an instant focal point in a room—and one of your most expensive purchases.


Follow this sofa buying guide. ... From taking measurements to choosing a good frame, these are 5 things you should consider before buying a new sofa. 1. TRY BEFORE YOU BUY.


1 - Find your Size. Determining what size sofa you need will depend on your room size and configuration plus any other furnishings you already have in your space. Measure to determine the ideal length, and keep in mind that your favorite style may be a bit bigger or smaller, so decide on an optimum range.


Buying a good quality sofa saves you money in the long run. Buy the best quality you can afford as buying a poor quality sofa means that it will lose its shape, looks and comfort factor pretty quickly, sometimes within a matter of months. A poor quality frame can also cause it to break, and you will have arms that jiggle and legs that aren't ...


Shop Smart with a Sofa Buying Guide. If you're shopping for a new sofa, this sofa buying guide may help make the process easier. Pottery Barn has a wide selection of sofas in an array of styles and colors. With a few sofa tips, you can narrow down the field and choose the piece that suits your needs and preferences.


The Definitive Guide to Buying Leather Furniture. So you're looking to invest in leather furniture. Maybe you love the look and feel of natural, full grain leather. Or maybe you're into the durability and cleanability of corrected grain. Maybe you didn't even know there was a difference.