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Consumer Reports has tips on how to avoid being sunk by buying a used flood car. Experts warn that cars swamped in stormwaters could return to market.


If you're looking for short-term use of a car, a flood-damaged car may be a sensible solution. A good candidate for a flood-damaged car may be a recent college grad who needs a car just long enough to get to job interviews, and who plans to buy a new car after employment.


If you think buying, salvaging, and reselling flooded cars is a business you'd like to get into, it's important to know what you're doing. Certainly, you won't lack for inventory. Whenever the U.S. experiences a wetter than normal year, a wave of cars heads to market from the flood-besieged areas.


Flood Damage Cars for Auction . In this section, you will find cars at auction declared total losses due to flooding. However, keep in mind that auctions of cars for flood-damaged vehicles can translate to great bargains for consumers.


Salvage and Flood Damage Vehicles: Buy flood damaged cars from online auction. Bid and buy all models of water wrecked vehicles, salvage trucks, boats, SUVs, motorcycles at Salvagebid.com.


While many flooded vehicles are then sent to the auto recycler for dismantling, other vehicles are branded by state agencies as flood-damaged and a salvage title is assigned. Once identified, flood-damaged cars can once again enter the sales market, showing up on dealer lots or in driveways with for sale signs on the windshield.


Flood Damaged Cars & Salvage Titles. Cars that have undergone damage from a flood are frequently considered a total loss and, if refurbished, will carry with them a salvage title. A salvage title is an important indicator of a car that has had serious damage. Buying a salvage title car isn't always a bad idea, but buying a flooded car is.


The car had low miles but because the rain fired the ecm and radio the insurance company marked it a flood damaged car. Carpet seats computer and radio to remove odor and the car was like new. , so when they say the water has to be in the drive train there wrong , its the insurance co.


Yet, flood damage can be difficult to identify. In addition, vehicle buyers might not consider flood damage if no recent flooding has occurred in their area. They may not be aware that flood-damaged vehicles are often transported across state lines. Such autos can turn up on used car lots many miles from where a flood occurred.


How not to get duped into buying a flood-damaged car Hurricane Harvey damaged 500,000 to 1 million cars alone — double the number of vehicles damaged by Katrina.