Families and students can save money by purchasing school supplies online, especially when online retailers offer free shipping and discounts for buying supplies in bulk. Purchasing school supplies online also saves time... More »

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There are multiple stores that sell cheap craft supplies, including Michaels, Hobby Lobby and Jo-ann Fabric and Craft Store. Michaels and Hobby Lobby are more widely known for selling art based craft supplies and do it y... More »

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Amazon.com provides numerous school textbooks for sale online. For those who prefer not to keep their textbooks, Amazon.com also purchases textbooks back at a lower rate. More »

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Free school supplies are distributed to homeless students by organizations such as The Homeless Children's Education Fund in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; the Action Center in Jefferson County, Colorado; and Cradles to Crayo... More »

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School districts consider shorter school days for several reasons, including saving money and providing students the ability to participate in more extracurricular activities. Shortening the school day by even an hour or... More »

Some benefits of a school having an outdoor playground are that kids can get more physical activity to live a healthier lifestyle, can develop their motor skills through playing on equipment, can improve their social ski... More »

Benefits of starting school later in the day include an improvement in the academic performance of students, better safety for those heading to school and a lower level of exhaustion throughout the day. Numerous scientif... More »

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