Meijer gift cards can be used to purchase merchandise in Meijer stores or online on the Meijer website. There are some limitations as to what can be purchased, such as not allowing the purchase of other gift cards, and t... More » offers a large variety of gift cards that can be purchased online. In addition, many businesses, such as Target, Best Buy and Applebee's, sell their own gift cards on the Internet. More » Holidays & Celebrations Gift Giving

As of 2015, wholesale stores, such as Costco, offer gift cards at 15 to 20 percent off their face value, whereas a website like Card Pool offers discounts of up to 92 percent. It is worth shopping around online to find t... More » Business & Finance Household Budgets Coupons & Sales

The Meijer website has a store locator that is able to find stores in each of the six states the retailer has a presence in. Users need to enter the city and state or the ZIP code in order to locate the nearest Meijer st... More » Food Grocery

To access the Meijer weekly grocery ad, visit the company's website, On the main webpage, click on the tab labeled Weekly Ad. On the new page, choose the state of the preferred store location. More » Food Grocery

As of 2015, Meijer bakery sells bread, pastries and desserts. Meijer is a hypermarket, so the bakery and deli are attached to the larger market. The bakery sells a variety of products in several categories under the Meij... More »

A Meijer store typically features the supermarket section on one side and the department store and general merchandise section on the other side. In most cases, Meijer stores are built from scratch, and some of them incl... More » Food Grocery