A chart to cross reference a button cell battery can be found on certain brand-name battery websites. A chart is needed as there are many different styles, sizes and types of button cell batteries. More »

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A battery cross-reference guide is used to determine the size, name, capacity and voltage of a certain type or brand of battery in order to purchase correct battery replacements for devices, such as watches and electroni... More »

Duracell publishes a comprehensive battery cross-reference guide on its website. BatteriesAndButter.com also features online guides, each one corresponding to a specific battery type, such as watch batteries or hearing a... More »

A battery conversion chart is a cross reference tool that provides the equivalent name for the same size and type of a battery across multiple brands and countries. A conversion chart also contains the International Elec... More »

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On most battery cross reference charts, the battery brand names are located in the top horizontal row. The battery models are listed vertically beneath each brand name. Find your battery brand name; next, look down the v... More »

A watch battery chart is a type of cross-reference chart useful in determining appropriate watch battery replacements. Both Batteries.com and BatteriesInAFlash.com offer easy-to-read watch battery cross-reference charts. More »

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Many mechanics and technicians reference websites such as NGK.com and DieselGlowPlug.com to cross reference glow plugs. This is done either by searching the desired part number to cross reference amongst different vehicl... More »

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