Butterflies have two compound eyes located on their heads. Although they have spots on their wings that resemble eyes, those are just markings and have nothing to do with a butterfly's eyesight. More »

Make a butterfly by cutting a paper plate in two for the wings and pasting them onto an empty toilet paper roll. This craft requires a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, paint, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner, scissors, a paint... More »

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Butterflies use warning colors and concentrations of poison within their bodies to ward off predators. They also utilize camouflage, large eye spots, mimicry and flight to avoid being eaten. More »

Young butterflies are known as larva. They hatch from butterfly eggs that are laid on a variety of plants by female butterflies. Larva may also be called caterpillars. More »

Adult Monarch butterflies that emerge from the pupa in early spring have a lifespan of 2 to 5 weeks. Monarchs that emerge in late summer survive throughout winter. Monarchs that emerge from the pupa in late summer and mi... More »

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Some adaptations of butterflies include wing colorings that mimic the colorings of toxic species, clear membranes that allow butterflies to fly even after the scales of their wings have been rubbed off. Butterflies also ... More »

Monarch butterflies live on top of milkweed plants and they will not live in a place that does not have milkweed plants. Milkweed plants are poisonous to most animals, but the monarch has glycoside toxins that protect it... More »