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Salted butter can be kept at room temperature but will go bad much faster (about a week). Using an airtight container like a butter crock can make it last longer (about 2 weeks) – and looks cute, too. And there you have it, my not-so-technical methods of how to bring butter and eggs to room temperature.


Really, it comes down to personal preference; if soft, spreadable butter is what you prefer, go ahead and keep your butter at room temperature. Just be sure to keep it covered and use it within a few days. And to play it safe, keep out just the amount you think you’ll use in a few days, then replenish the butter dish.


If you can, cover the glass to keep the heat inside. It usually takes about seven to ten minutes to get that liquid to room temperature. Taking the Chill Off Butter. Ah, butter: you are so beautiful, but a proper biznatch to bring to room temperature quickly. Leaving it on the counter takes too long.


Here are 4 ways to get butter to room temperature, depending on how much time you have: Let butter rest at room temperature. Obviously, to get butter to room temperature, the easiest thing to do is to let it sit at room temperature. If I know I’ll be doing some baking, I pull what I need out of the fridge an hour or so before I need them.


A world without butter is hard to imagine. In the middle of spreading, sauteing, browning or melting it, you might lose sight of some basic butter storage tips. Many recipes call for room temperature, unsalted butter but don't state how to thaw it, and many pieces of toast have been ruined by a stiff, unyielding pad of butter.


The USDA says that butter is safe at room temperature, but if left out for several days may get a rancid flavor. They recommend leaving butter out for only a day or two. There's been a buzz lately about this question.


As long as you use salted butter it will keep in a covered container at room temperature for at least 2-3 weeks without getting mouldy or rancid, in my experience. If you use unsalted butter there are more microorganisms that can live on it so it spoils faster, but there aren't any common contaminants that can grow on salted butter other than ...


Butter usually can be kept out for several days without going rancid (salted butter will keep longer because salt acts as a preservative). Exactly how long butter will stay fresh at room temperature depends on how much heat and light it gets and whether it’s wrapped.


Thus, from a safety standpoint, butter left at room temperature is unlikely to do any harm. But there is one other concern that can’t be ignored: rancidity. If you’ve ever had a whiff of butter that’s been left out in the open for too long, you’ll know it well.


So next she set out to prove scientifically that butter does not require refrigeration. She had a food safety lab in California run some (well, many) tests, and found out that butter kept at room temperature can stay on the counter, no problem, for three weeks without refrigeration.