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A student portal is an online portal that includes all of the information and access to services that students need, according to Chalmers University of Technology. However, the exact information and services that are included in a student portal can vary based on the specific school.


An associate portal is a website that limits access to members of a particular group. Examples of associate portals include BVHS Family Portal, ADP portal and HD Supply Portal. They mostly require a username and password for login.


An employee portal is a business-to-employee communication tool that allows employees to access information about the business that is pertinent to that employee's needs. These portals typically access information such as human resources, information specific to job functions, meeting updates and co


Online patient portal is a Web-based system that allows patients to access their health information and communicate with their doctors. Many hospitals have this system, which helps improve communication and allows for improved patient service.


Patient Web portals are secure websites allowing patients to access their own health information. Information typically available on a patient portal includes recent health care visits and discharge information, medications and immunizations, lab results, and health history. Some portals offer inter


Parent portals, such as those for Chicago Public Schools, South Windsor Public Schools and Thomas Edison Middle School, give parents of students access to school online material. This may include their children's attendance record and grades, assignment statuses, school communication platforms, dail


Properties available at the Multiple Listing Services portal, or MLS portal, include acreages, newly constructed homes, properties for commercial usage and foreclosed homes on sale, notes MLS.com. The system allows for refined searches, providing virtual forms where users can specify the state, coun


Patient portal websites offer various features, such as links to personal health records, forms and secure messaging with clinical staff. Prescription refill access and appointment requests are also available.


The New Jersey Lottery's Pick 3 is a lottery game in which players choose three single-digit numbers for a 50-cent entry fee. The lottery holds drawings twice daily, at 12:59pm and 7:58pm. Players who get all three numbers correct on a standard ticket win $275, as of 2015.


As health care personnel become more familiar with the technology and patients get accustomed to communicating with physicians online, the use of patient portals is due to increase in the future, reports U.S. News & World Report. The Affordable Care Act mandates increased electronic health care reco