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Templates for business processes are available at Creately, SAP, Sparx Systems and Bizmanualz. Creately has free business process diagram templates, and Bizmanualz offers free samples of its process templates from all of its manuals. SAP offers a dynamic template with its program, and Sparx offers t


A collection of free business plan templates from various sources is available on BusinessNewsDaily.com. A more in-depth template that explains the importance of different parts of the business plan is available from Forbes.com.


An entrepreneur or business owner can fill out a business plan template to make sure he includes the most essential details in his final business plan to show potential investors, says Forbes. Such details include a cover letter, executive summary, industry analysis, company overview and customer an


Good business plan templates are available from GrowThink, Entrepreneur, the U.S. Small Business Administration and Score. GrowThink's business plan template includes charts, financial reports, email support and other resources to simplify the process and costs $97 as of 2015. The other three busine


Free business letter templates are documents designed to convey a message for a professional purpose. These types of templates contain a variety of required components and generally follow a standard format.


Free business letter templates are available on websites such as About.com, Office.com and Xerox.com. Some sites offer downloadable files for Microsoft Word, while others provide a text-only template that users can paste into any word processor.


The basic template for a business email is the same as for a business letter in that it includes a greeting, body and signature. Parts of the body depend on the purpose of the email.


Websites such as Slideshare, Biggerplate and Futurpreneur offer business review templates for customer success management, quarterly results, SWOT analyses and entrepreneurial business plans. Each of these websites offers charts, graphs and mind maps to help measure and analyze the success of a busi


A business proposal template is a document that serves as a helpful framework for constructing and presenting a business idea. Business proposal writers can craft a business proposal by modifying and customizing the content in a business proposal template to showcase an offering to a potential clien


Websites like Monster.com and Berkeley Law offer sample business thank you letter templates that are free to the public. A business thank you letter shows the recipient that the sender appreciates his or her time, efforts or consideration for employment.