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MICR line is placed in an area called “ clear band ”.This clear band has a minimum height of 5/8" from the bottom edge (called aligning edge) and runs across the check.The clear band should be free of any magnetic ink other than of the E-13B font.


What Is an MICR Specification Sheet? A magnetic ink character recognition, or MICR, spec sheet is used to provide a check printer with information needed to print checks or deposit slips for a customer. ... business check micr line specification deluxe check micr specification sheet micr specification sheet sample what is a bank specification ...


on deposit slips MICR line. Do not duplicate check Routing Transit Number on deposit slip. 2. Use Drop-out Ink (reflectance 70% or greater; PCS 0.25 or less) for borders ... BUSINESS CHECK AND DEPOSIT SLIP SPECIFICATIONS ZIP CODE ZIP CODE STATE STATE CITY CITY CITY STATE ZIP CODE ... 0.300" 0.625" MICR Clear Band Client's Business Name Street ...


MICR Code Line Specifications The MICR line is contained within a clear band which is 5/8 inch deep and positioned along the bottom of a document. The MICR line must be in a 1/4-inch strip centred in the 5/8 inch Clear Band.


charged ink or toner that are read by high speed computer sorters. The MICR line contains all pertinent information for computers to process and route a transaction to an appropriate destination. Strict adherence to ANSI standard specifications in the creation of check documents is a major factor in the success or failure of the


In order to process your customer's order, we must have an actual sample of your check with the correct MICR line or this MICR specification sheet filled out. Starter checks, counter checks, deposit slips, etc., are not accepted because they do not reflect the appropriate positioning of the numbering.


The links below provide you with a Magnetic Ink Printing Specifications (MICR) Spec Sheet. This information is to be provided to your check printer when reordering checks or deposit slips. Please note that this information is not necessary if your check and deposit ticket orders are made through PNC.


Business Check and Deposit Slip Specifications 55032-WA (07/2009) ADDITIONAL CHECK LISTING SPACE CHECKS (BANK NUMBER) TOTAL IN CHECKS MUST BE ENTERED ON FRONT SIDE CENTS DOLLARS. TOTAL $ 00 CURRENCY COUNT--FOR BANK USE ONLY X 100 X50 X20 X10 X5 X2 X1 BACK--DEPOSIT SLIP 0.300" Optical Clear Band (MICR Line information) 0.150" Maximum 0.625" MICR ...


Generic MICR Fundamentals Guide iii ... Describes MICR document print quality specifications, the tools available to determine if a document is within specifications, and general operator ... The following figure shows a check with a MICR line. This line contains block-shaped numbers running along the bottom of the


Though important, MICR is only one element of the check printing process. To receive the most accurate MICR line it is encouraged that printer specific MICR fonts are used. When using a printer agnostic MICR font downloaded from the internet, the MICR line could cause issues with banks and MICR readers.