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There are several types of bushes that bear red berries, including cotoneasters, barberry shrubs and common winterberry. Some shrubs produce red berries in the colder months of fall and winter while others follow a standard blooming pattern, blossoming in the late spring and closing in the fall. Bus


According to Nature Hills Nursery, the Barberry bush has red leaves and red berries. It is also called the Red Leaf Japanese Bush and the Berberis thunbergii.


Some wild bushes with red berries include pin cherries, nanking cherries, elderberries and black cap raspberries. Other shrubs that bear these fruits are bush honeysuckles, cranberries and thimbleberries.


Berries are classified as drupes, true berries, epignyous fruits, compound fruits and poisonous fruits, according to LoveToKnow. Drupes and epignyous fruits don't meet the classic definition of berries, but these fruits are referred to as such by mistake. True berries meet the technical definition o


Blueberries are known to be red or purplish-black in appearance, ranging from round to ovular, according to Mother Earth News. Hundreds of species exist and all are edible. Berries from bushes generally have thorny canes that grow from perennial roots and thrive during the fruiting season. Long and


The berries on holly bushes are poisonous. Consumption of the berries can cause dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea and even death. In addition to the berries, holly leaves are also unsafe to eat. They can also cause stomach problems, and the sharp leaves can cut into the mouth and the digestive tract.


Holly bush berries are poisonous to humans. They contain a chemical that act as emetics, inducing vomiting in individuals, especially children, who eat them. Fatalities from ingesting the berries are unknown, according to noted botanist Nancy Turner.


Lycianthes rantonnetii, commonly known as the blue potato bush, is a shrub that produces purplish flowers with a yellow center. In autumn, the shrub produces small, red berries that are poisonous when consumed. The flowers are from the genus Lycianthes, and the family is Solanaceae.


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Many trees produce berries, which are fruits produced from a single ovary that are fleshy. However, in common usage, people apply the term “berry” to any small fruit. Some of the most common berry-producing trees in North America include the mulberry, beautyberry, holly, juniper and blueberry.