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Everyone's body metabolism is different so your actual calories burned while standing varies. On average, a person burns about 88 calories per hour while standing. That's only about eight more calories per hour than sitting which burns about 80 calories per hour. Standing for eight hours burns about 64 more calories per day than sitting.


Calories Burned Sitting Vs. Standing. All calorie calculations are based on an average weight person. Sitting 5 Minutes – 10 Calories 30 Minutes – 58 Calories 60 Minutes – 116 Calories 8 Hours – 924 Calories. Sitting Over Time 40 Hour Work Week – 4620 Calories 160 Hour Work Month – 18,480 Calories 1920 Hour Work Year – 221,760 ...


Based on this data, standing can burn almost double the calories (kcal) of sitting per hour. On average, people can burn somewhere around 100 to 200 calories per hour by choosing not to sit. In comparison, sitting down burns between 60 to 130 calories per hour. However, these numbers vary between men and women.


For an average person standing up has been shown to burn 50 more calories per hour than sitting. This amount fluctuates greatly with your size and gender. Even though 50 may seem like a tiny amount, if you try to stand up as much as possible, the calories burned can start to add up.


Participants burned 0.15 more calories per hour standing rather than sitting, averaging 54 more calories a day in a six-hour period than sitting. The study also shows that you could lose more simply because you move around more while standing, leading to more weight loss and increased muscle activity.


The scientists measured exactly how many calories people expended while sitting or standing for 15 minutes. Standing only used a whopping two extra calories on average, according to the new study....


According to the research published in Circulation, sitting down at a desk burns roughly 20 calories per fifteen minutes, while standing at a desk burns about 22 calories per fifteen minutes.


Participants burned about 20 calories during a quarter hour of sitting, regardless of whether it was at a computer or a television. Standing ate up another two calories.


Specifically, compared with sitting, standing was linked with 0.15 more calories burned per minute. This means that if an adult weighing 143.3 pounds (or 65 kilograms) replaced sitting with...


30,000 Calories By standing for three additional hours each day over the course of a year, you can burn up to 30,000 extra calories and eight pounds of fat. That’s the equivalent of running about ten marathons