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New York State Law Penal Law Consolidated Laws of New York's Penal code. Search Penal Laws. ... A person is guilty of burglary in the third degree when he knowingly enters or remains unlawfully in a building with intent to commit a crime therein. Burglary in the third degree is a class D felony.


Burglary in the Third Degree is the most common degree of all Burglary crimes charged throughout New York City, Westchester County and the surrounding Hudson Valley region. While arrests for and accusations of New York Penal Law 140.20 may occur more frequently than the more serious degrees, never underestimate the gravity of what you will soon face.


Overview of New York Burglary Laws. A person is guilty of committing burglary in the third degree - the least of the burglary offenses - when he or she "knowingly enters or remains unlawfully" in a building with the intent to commit a crime therein.


Burglary involves entering another person’s property unlawfully with the intention of committing an unlawful act. It is a felony.There are three burglary offenses in the New York Penal Law. Burglary in the third degree is the lease serious charge. Under New York Penal Law section 140.20 to be convicted of a burglary in the third degree there are at least two things the prosecution must prove.


May 3, 2017 New York Penal Law 140.20: Burglary in the third degree. Burlgary is a crime that involves the entering of another person’s property in an unlawful manner and with the intention of committing an illegal act, usually to steal property or money.


New York City Burglary Attorneys That Will Aggressively Work On Your Side to Clear Your Charge . BURGLARY is a felony charge that is often used in conjunction with other charges, such as breaking and entering. The name “burglary” is often used to describe all manners of criminal trespassing.


BURGLARY IN THE THIRD DEGREE Penal Law § 140.20 (Committed on or after Sept. 1, 1967) (Revised January 2013)1 The (specify) count is Burglary in the Third Degree. Under our law, a person is guilty of Burglary in the Third Degree when that person knowingly enters [remains2] unlawfully in a building with the intent to commit a crime therein.


Burglary in the third degree: New York Penal Law Section 140.20; Note: State laws are always subject to change through the passage of new legislation, rulings in the higher courts (including federal decisions), ballot initiatives, and other means. While we strive to provide the most current information available, please consult an attorney or ...


New York has three degrees of burglary: first degree, second degree, and third degree. The possible sentences for a first degree burglary conviction range from one to 25 years. Second degree burglary is subject to a one to 15 year sentence, and judges can set any third degree burglary sentence up to seven years.


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