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The gestation period of a female rabbit is the time of conception to the time of delivery, or kindling, of the baby rabbits, or kits. The gestation period of a doe lasts about 31 days. During the gestation period, it may be difficult to tell that your rabbit is pregnant as she may not act any differently than before she was pregnant.


Throughout the pregnancy, slowly change your rabbit’s diet so it includes more celery, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley, rabbit pellets, and alfalfa hay. Then, at around day 30 of the pregnancy, cut your rabbit’s food in half to prevent issues while giving birth. For tips on how to care for your newborn rabbits, scroll down!


Know the gestation period. Rabbits gestate for between 31 and 33 days. If the pregnancy goes on much longer than this, it may be a false pregnancy, or the litter may have died inside the doe. Some veterinarians recommend inducing labor after 32 days to prevent the risk of complications from the litter dying inside the mother. ... If your rabbit ...


*Uses an average 29 day gestation period for a Rabbit. Rabbit gestation periods can generally be anywhere from 28-31 days.. Rabbit Pregnancy Calculator. The rabbit pregnancy calculator is a simpler process to use than the rabbit gestation chart. This chart is also referred to as the rabbit gestation period calendar.


Gestation period (period between mating and birth) will be 28 to 31 days and a litter of baby rabbits (kits) varies from 3 to 12. The female rabbit may lose clumps of hair during the gestation period. Baby rabbits are blind, deaf and furless at birth with the mother visiting them for just a few minutes each day to suckle them.


Feeling the doe’s abdomen for grape-sized embryos in the uterus is one technique for detecting pregnancy. The best time to do this is 12 days after breeding. False pregnancy, during which the rabbit shows signs of pregnancy but is not actually pregnant, is common in rabbits.


The gestation period for a rabbit is only about 31 days! That's only a one month pregnancy. This short gestation period is one of the many reasons why it is very important to have your rabbit spayed or neutered before they can contribute to the sad problem of rabbit overpopulation.


Raising-Rabbits.com, 5 Clues to the Pregnant Rabbit; ARBA, Charlcie Gill, The Art of Palpation; Discovering a pregnancy. The domestic rabbit gestation period is generally 30-32 days. About 98 percent of normal litters will be kindled between 30 and 33 days after breeding but a small percentage may kindle as early as 29 days or as late as 35 ...


Sell the rabbit for meat but never for breeding or to be someone's pet. You may keep the rabbits you've weaned together, separated by sex, until about 4 months, at which time they need to be totally separated - one rabbit per cage. This concludes the discussion on raising rabbits from conception to weaning.


The rabbit gestation period is short and ranges from 28 to 36 days with an average period of 31 days. A longer gestation period will generally yield a smaller litter while shorter gestation periods will give birth to a larger litter. The size of a single litter can range from four to 12 kits allowing a female to deliver up to 60 new kits a year.