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During a pelvic exam, the health care provider will see a small, smooth, rounded lump (or collection of lumps) on the surface of the cervix. Rarely, magnifying the area (colposcopy) may be needed to tell these cysts from other bumps that can occur.


If, during your vaginal self-exam, you see any genital warts, sores, bumps, spots, or unusual coloration, make an appointment to see your doctor. The same is true if you notice a smelly discharge.


" What causes small bumps on the cervix? " ... Finally, cervical cancer is unlikely but the most concerning possibility that must be ruled out by an examination of the cervix and probably a pap smear or colposcopy.


I felt a bump a bit smaller than a pea on my cervix at the bottom of the os. Freaking out i went to the doctors who did a physical exam without a pap, she looked at my cervix and felt around said she didnt feel anything abnormal and my cervix looked healthy.


Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Twynham on bumps on cervix opening: Angiofibromas called penile pearly papules, sebaceous cysts, mulloscum contagiosum, Tyson's glands, Fordyce spots, folliculitis, to name a few benign skin lesions.


According to Healthline and WebMD, a bump on the cervix can be a sign of a nabothian cyst, a cervical polyp or cervical cancer. Nabothian cysts are mucus-filled sacs that grow on the cervix wall and do not usually pose a health risk. Cervical polyps, growths that develop on the cervix, are usually benign and do not require treatment.


I've felt small bumps on my cervix but didn't think anything of it. The last few days I've come down with what I think is a yeast infection as I'm quite burny down there. I wanted to rule out and STIs or anything like that so went into my local STI clinic. The nurse performing my exam told me my cervix was slightly red and she could see small ...


The center part of my cervix has irregularly shaped bumps and I immediately thought those might be scar material. Then separate from that area on the outside edge there is symetrical and round bump that sounds (from what I've read online) as though it might be a nabothian cyst. I guess I will find out in a few weeks when I have my appointment.


Nabothian cysts are small bumps on the cervix that are filled with fluid. There are no signs, but they can be seen during a pelvic exam (with a speculum).These cysts are harmless, so no treatment is needed. Polyps are dark red growths, sometimes found at the cervix. They also grow inside the womb.


I whent to the doctor for my six week checkup after having my baby and the paptest came back as abnormal, she said it wasnt cancer and to come back after 3months for another test I was worried so did a self examination ther was a small pea sized firm lump on my cervix I noticed this years ago but it was small it has gooet bigger after the delivery of my baby it is only on its own what could ...