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Bumper Man is a mobile repair service providing car dealerships, body shops and car rental agencies with quick, convenient and economical onsite bumper repair services. Since Bumper Man was founded in 1993, we have grown to over 100 franchises, serving over 8,000 car dealerships nationwide.


straightening and dent removal. small dents are hammered out by hand. for large dents and for straightening purposes a hydraulic press is used. grinding and crack repair/filling holes. after the bumper is straight & dents are removed, the part is ready for the first stage of grinding. this removes most of the pits & imperfections in the metal.


We can straighten and re-chrome any bumper imaginable. We also polish and weld stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, brass, copper and any other metal or plastic.


Car Bumper Repair Near Me. When your vehicle is in a collision, your bumper is often the first part of the car to absorb the impact. In some cases, your bumper will prevent significant damage to the rest of your car but sustain damage itself. For this reason, you want bumpers that operate as they are designed to do. At Elmer’s Auto Body, we ...


How to Straighten a Bent Metal Bumper by Guy Gardner . A bent or dented metal bumper ruins the appearance of your car. Unlike scuff marks, scratches and paint chips, a bent bumper requires greater care and effort to repair. Taking your car to the mechanic often results in a very expensive repair; you might be able to repair the bent bumper ...


1. When dropping off your bumpers for plating, you must have ALL of the brackets, bars, bolts and accessories removed. If you leave anything on the bumper, it will get torched off and you won’t get it back. Speed is the key with any production work, it took over an hour to remove all of the brackets from this 1971 Buick GS rear bumper.


Service King’s I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians are trained in plastic bumper repair to return these crucial parts to their pre-accident condition. At Service King, our team meticulously performs the right repair for each bumper, and reconditions your bumper to erase any signs of dents, scratches, scrapes, or indentations.


Note to auto dealers: Click on the red map marker above to find the Bumper Man franchisees in your state. Note to individual consumers needing repair: Most Bumper Man franchisees work exclusively with auto dealerships and may choose not to offer repair services to the general public. If you are an individual needing bumper repair, please contact your local Bumper Man franchisee to inquire if ...


We also provide re-chroming services on steel and brass substrates such as trim moldings and grills. With a large selection of bumper cores from classic Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, and many others, Tri-City Plating is able to offer replacements for many of these scarce parts.


Tri-City Plating offers an extensive collection of factory original bumper cores for vintage and classic cars. From as early as the 1930’s through the 1980’s, we have OE (original equipment) bumper cores for most makes.