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To get rid of bumblebees, put on protective clothing, spray above-ground nests with liquid pesticide and treat subterranean nests with bellows-blown pesticide dust. This one-hour process must be performed at night. It requires protective clothing, a beekeeping veil, fla...


A bumblebee trap is a way of safely capturing insects from the genus Bombus. Bee traps in general are used by bee keepers to control bee colonies or start a new colony, and by pest control agents to remove or kill troublesome insects.


The lifespan of a bumble bee is only a few months, although queens are able to survive for up to a year. Bumble bees are unable to survive cold winter weather, and the stress of their work quickly takes a toll.


Black bees, formally called carpenter bees, have bare, shiny backs, as opposed to the hairy backs typically observed with bumble bees. Carpenter bees do not live in hives, but drill consistently perfect 1/4-inch diameter holes to lay their eggs in. Carpenter bees also l...


To make clip art, first find a photograph of the image you want to use. Open a blank document in Illustrator, and load your image. Choose the menu from the Layers Palette, and then choose Template. Create a new layer, and choose the Pen Tool from the toolbar. Trace the ...


Free clip art is created and made available through the Fotor.com website and the AngieMakes.com website. OpenClipArt.org users also create and distribute free clip art that users can browse, download and use.


Most free clip art sources provide licensing information and terms of use that grant specific permissions and detail allowable uses for the available clip art. As of September 2015, websites like OpenClipArt.com and 4FreePhotos.com offer clip art that is free for privat...