Trader Joe's does not sell pre-made bulletproof coffee as of 2015. However, all the ingredients for bulletproof coffee are available at Trader Joe's. Bulletproof coffee is a mixture of coffee, unsalted butter and MCT oil... More »

Trader Joe's stores sell a variety of wines. This grocery store is well-known for its inexpensive prices and quality options. Their most popular brand of wine is called the "two buck Chuck," which is a Charles Shaw wine ... More » Food Beverages Wine

To look up the location of a Trader Joe’s on a map, use the Find a Trader Joe’s interactive map tool in the Stores section of the official Trader Joe’s website. All Trader Joe’s locations on the Find a Trader Joe’s map t... More » Food Grocery

Trader Joe's website lists many of its products on several pages. The Dig In page lists new offerings with detailed descriptions as well as in-depth discussions of other products. The Fearless Flyer page offers access to... More » Food Grocery

Trader Joe's sells general grocery products, such as milk, cheese, bread and meats. It maintains a relatively small product line of about 4,000 individual items, many of which are house brands. More » Business & Finance Corporations

As of 2015, Trader Joe's has more than 400 stores in 43 states across the United States. Specific locations can be found using the "Find a Trader Joe's" link on the website. In addition to searching by cit... More »

Trader Joe's stores are typically open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week, although individual store hours can vary. To view operating hours for specific Trader Joe's locations, visit the Stores section of the offi... More » Food Grocery