Bull sharks live in coastal waters throughout the world, and they are even sometimes found inland in large rivers. Bull sharks are unique because they can live in fresh water for a long time, unlike many other sharks. Th... More »

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Bull sharks primarily eat bony fish and other sharks, including juvenile members of their own species. Less commonly, they also eat sea turtles, dolphins, sea birds, squid and swimming land mammals. In addition to marine... More »

The bull shark is one of the few shark species that live both in salt water and freshwater. These sharks can travel far up rivers, swimming as far as 2.220 miles up the Amazon River in Peru and over 1.800 miles up the Mi... More »

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The 42 known species of dolphins live in the waters of oceans and rivers all over the world. Dolphins are found everywhere, from shallow coastal waters to the deep of the open ocean, and they migrate to and from certain ... More »

Sharks are found in every ocean in the world and are sometimes found out of their habitat in rivers and streams. There are around 368 species of sharks in the world. More »

Bull redfish are most often found in deeper waters, at depths from 18 inches to 3 feet. Look for movement along the surface of the water, particularly near grassy drop-offs, which they like to cruise. They feed head down... More »

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Some squid species live in shallow waters near coastlines, but others live in deeper ocean waters. The California shoreline and Florida coast are popular spots. The lifespan of species that live in deeper waters is often... More »

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