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According to About.com, a minor calf strain can heal in as few as seven days, while a severe calf strain can take up to three months to heal. The healing time depends on the severity of the injury.


Bulls and other cattle live around the world on farms, grasslands and pastures; some wild cattle also live in the woods. On farms, most bulls are castrated and slaughtered for their meat before they turn 3 years old. These young males are raised in barns or in individual stalls.


Biceps femoris tendonitis is the inflammation of one of the hamstring tendons as it inserts into the back of the knee, explains Sportsinjuryclinic.net. Symptoms include pain and swelling where the tendon attaches to the bone. Pain may occur when bending the knee, with stiffness after exercise and in


While bulls eat the same diet of grains and grass that cows do, bulls used for rodeo competitions eat a high protein diet supplemented with vitamin B12. Cattle are fed with feedstuffs, a mix of roughage, oilseeds, grains and by-products, such as corn and bakery waste.


Baby bulls have different names in different regions of the world. A baby bull may be called a bull calf, a bullock, a young bull or simply a calf.


Treatment options for calf muscle pain include rest, heat and ice application, stretching, physical therapy, and nonprescription pain relievers. However, the type of treatment depends on the cause of the pain, according to About.com.


A calf muscle strain is the tearing of the muscle fibers at the back of the lower leg, according to Laurie LaRusso for NYU Langone Medical Center. The tear may be partial or complete. Muscle strains are graded according to their severity. Grade 1 is the mildest, and grade 3 is the most severe.


A sharp pain or pulling sensation in the calf muscle usually characterizes a calf muscle tear. Pain is minimal for minor strains but in severe cases, patients experience excruciating pain and weakness. Patients are sometimes unable to bear weight on the affected leg, states PhysioAdvisor.


According to About.com, the first treatment for a calf strain is a system of rest, ice, compression and elevation. Stretching exercises and the use of a foam roller are additional treatments for a calf strain.


A bull market most commonly refers to increasing stock prices on exchanges such as the NYSE and Nasdaq. It is also used to describe bond and commodity price increases. A bull market is an indication of overall economic health.