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As of 2016, the PNY Attaché USB 2.0 Flash Drive, SanDisk Cruzer USB 2.0 Flash Drive, and Kingston DataTraveler USB 2.0 are low-cost thumb drives. The 16GB versions of each of these thumb drives are priced under $7. The Kingston DataTraveler's listed price is $6.72 on Newegg. It comes in a capless me


Thumb drives are a subset of flash memory drives, which are small and can interface with another device through a USB port. Almost all thumb drives are flash drives, but not all flash-based storage drives are thumb drives.


Bulking up is a process that takes a varying amount of time depending on the individual who is attempting to bulk up and his original weight and diet. In order to bulk up fast, you need to make several changes to your current diet plan.


Some places that offer bulk USB sales include eBay, Amazon.com, PremiumUSB.com and CustomUSB.com. The number of USB drives per pack varies depending on the storage size. The USB flash drives come in different colors or a pack of the same color.


The causes of thumb pain include injuries, inflammations and conditions that affect the body's muscles and nerves, according to Healthgrades. Disorders such as blood clots, diabetes, peripheral artery disease and blood vessel inflammation can also cause thumb pain.


According to Men's Fitness Magazine, healthy bulking foods include high-protein items such as salmon, chicken and lean meats. High-carbohydrate foods that are essential for optimal bulking include quinoa, oats and high-grain breads. Bulking foods that contain "good fat" include avocados and coconuts


There are two main ways to bulk and cut: bulk and cut simultaneously or bulk up and then lean down. The second method is much more traditional and still the prevailing model employed by professional bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and committed lifters.


Anatomically, the thumb is a finger. Colloquially, "finger" usually refers to one of of the other four appendages of the hand that is not the thumb.


Depending on the exact number of drives you need, you can purchase them either from a retailer for a slight discount or from a wholesaler at a larger discount. A retailer is the best bet for a single person or a very small group, but a larger organization with a greater need for the products can mak


A thumb ring is a symbol of wealth and influence in many societies. Such rings tend to be large or slightly bulky to reinforce their symbolism. They typically are not extravagant, gaudy or overly expensive in appearance.