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An ox looks like a small bison with a long coat and a large head, and it has curved horns and sharp hooves. Their long warm hair and strong muscles are ideal for the tundra and mountainous terrain that oxen usually call home.


For domestic cattle, a young ox is a calf or a steer, sometimes called a working steer. In the case of musk oxen or other wild oxen, a young ox is a calf, a heifer or, occasionally, a stot.


An ox is a working animal, while a cow is kept for food and breeding. Both cows and oxen are considered cattle or bovines.


Oxen are bovines specialized as draft animals. Both oxen and bulls are domesticated bovines, and oxen are always male animals. However "bull" is a general name for any male bovine, whereas an ox is such an animals which has been specially trained and physically prepared for hard labor pulling and ca


There are actually three different species with the common name buffalo. All three are large, dark brown or black horned mammals in the clade Bovidae, but they are not closely related.


Ox bile is a natural supplement that promotes healthier livers, says Dr. David Williams. More broadly, ox bile is useful for weight control and fat loss. Individuals usually take ox bile in pill form before meals.


Buffalo mostly eat different types of grass. They are herbivores, which means that they only consume plant products and never eat other animals. Typically, buffalo feed at night to keep their core temperature up throughout cold nights.


There are three distinct species of buffalo, the cape buffalo, the water buffalo and the American buffalo. These species are found in different areas. Cape buffalo live throughout the African continent, water buffalo are found across small areas in Asia and American buffalo roam the American plains.


According to the Mayo Clinic, a normal pulse ox reading is between 95 and 100 percent. The pulse ox reading tells of the saturation of oxygen in a person's blood. The reading is taken with a pulse oximeter, a device which is placed on a person's finger.


Water buffalo eat a variety of plants, shrubs, leaves and grasses. Water buffalo are herbivores so they stick to a vegetarian diet.