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In general, the carvings of the Buddha that you can buy are representations of highly venerated statues that are enshrined at major temples throughout the world, or are reproductions of well known sculptures that were originally commissioned by royal patrons, and as such, their meanings and significance are similar to the original statues.


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The Buddha statue is a symbol of devotion. Although Buddha statues may differ artistically between cultures, some features and meanings remain the same. Common characteristics among Buddha statues ...


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This is one of the most common Mudras found in statues of Buddha in many countries.. Meaning: 'Touching the Earth.' Hand position: Shown in the sitting meditation position only. In this Mudra the right hand points towards the Earth, hanging over the knee, palm inward.


There are a lot of different types of Buddha statues meaning out there, with varying hand gestures and expressions and attitudes. Each of these is either a representation of a Larger Statue in Buddhist temples, or they’re representations of scriptures, based on Buddha’s many lives and manifestations.


The Buddha Statues, for most of the people are the main subjects of curiosity as they come in various poses and mudras of the Buddha. Since the poses of the statue hold particular significances to an event in the life of the Buddha , the curiosity level of people who are yet unaware of these meanings, are much higher.


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What Are the Meanings of Different Buddha Statues? Different Buddha statues hold different meanings including overcoming fear, calm or serenity, meditation, Earth touching or calling the Earth to witness, nirvana, medicine, teaching, walking, contemplation, begging and repelling the ocean.


The Buddha images we sell have a long and venerable heritage and are carved with reverence and a deep significance - here we explain the iconography,meanings and symbols that lie behind these sacred images.