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A "10-point buck" describes the size of a deer's antlers, not its height and weight. Antler size is determined by a deer's age, nutrition and genetics. However, some yearlings with ample food supplies are able to grow impressive eight-point racks.


The phrase "12-point buck" refers to the number of antler tines or protrusions on an adult male deer. The usual 12-point buck would have six tines in a symmetrical pattern on each antler.


According to The Atlantic Monthly, the term buck most likely originated from the use of buck skins or buck hides during colonial times as a commodity of exchange. They were also a loose measure of value between the colonists and Native Americans.


As of September 2015, according to Boone-Crockett.org, the world's largest typical white-tailed buck was shot by Milo N. Hanson in 1993. The deer was shot in Biggar, Saskatchewan, Canada, and had 14 points with a score of 213 5/8.


Big buck contests are often split into different divisions, with separate competitions for youth and adults, different weight classes, typical versus non-typical antlers and different weapons, such as firearms, bows and crossbows. Many big buck contests use the Boone and Crockett system of scoring.


A vibrating object creates sound. The vibrations travel through a medium such as air or water. They cause the ear drum to vibrate creating electrical signals that the nerves transmit to the brain, allowing the hearer to interpret the sound.


Although there are many reasons sound is important; a couple reasons are that it allows humans and animals to hear and communicate, and it is a primary component in the functioning of sonar equipment. Sound occurs in a variety of waves, which have different characteristics and produce different type


The speed of sound is dependent on the medium through which it is traveling. Under typical conditions, at sea level, sound travels 1,225 kilometers per hour, or 340.29 meters per second.


The ability to perceive sound is critical for the survival of most species on Earth, including humans. The ability to assess the environment through hearing evolved in a variety of ways in the animal kingdom, and high-functioning animals such as humans adapted the sense of sound as a means to commun


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