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The Google Play Store for Android devices offers many free bubble games for download such as "Panda Pop," "Bubble Worlds," "Bubble Mania," "Bubble Witch Saga" and "Bubble Shooter," among others. The iTunes store offers similar bubble games for Apple devices.


Popular bubble games available to play online are "Bubble Fruit" and "Urchin Merchant." These games and others like them are available to play on Match3Games.com for free.


Gamers play “Bubble Pop” using a computer mouse to pop bubbles. While trying to pop bubbles, they have to watch out for mines, which end the game. “Bubble Pop” is available to play on arcade websites such as FreeArcade.com.


The games section of Download.com has a variety of free games to download. The site caters to different preferences, including action, puzzle, strategy and simulation games.


"New Super Mario Forever 2015" is the most popular free downloadable game, as of 2015, according to CNET. A continuation of the fan-made "Super Mario Forever" series, the game has been downloaded over 15 million times. "Clash of Clans" for Windows PC is another free game that has received good ratin


A few popular, free downloadable games are "Planetside 2" and "Path of Exile." A few games that are free additions to other pay-to-play games are "Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft" and "Star Wars: The Old Republic."


Websites that allow users to download games include GameTop.com, Big Fish Games and Steam. These sites offer a range of games featuring both free and paid selections. Clicking on a selection on the site provides the user with instructions on how to download the game.


Some video games aren't available to download because the original or current copyright holder has failed to authorize its release in digital format or failed to successfully negotiate a contract with a digital download site authorizing its release through the site. Some digital download sites, such


Users can play "Word Bubbles Rising" on the Lumosity brain training program website. Lumosity offers a free, basic membership that gives users access to a limited number of games and features, and a subscription membership for full access to all games, training exercises and tools.


"League of Legends," "WildStar" and "Warface" are three full games that players can download for free. While "League of Legends" is available for both Windows and Mac OS X systems, the other two games run only on Windows as of 2015.