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The abbreviation "btw" stands for "by the way," and is frequently used in text messages and e-mails. This is one of several common abbreviations familiar to many of those who frequently communicate via text message.


BTW is an acronym that means "by the way." BTW is a very common acronym that is used in text messaging, emailing and chatting.


BTW is an acronym used on Facebook that means “by the way”. BTW, or by the way, is used the same way in social media and electronic communications as it is in everyday speech; however, it is generally not used in professional communications, because it creates a negativ...


The Engineering Toolbox explains that 34.5 boiler horse power is equal to 1 pound per hour of steam. One boiler horse power is equal to 33,475 British Thermal Units per hour. Therefore, to convert BTU per hour to boiler horse power, divide the BTU per hour by 33,475. To...


"Texting" is short for text messaging, which is the act of sending a text message through mobile-to-mobile technology. As technology has advanced, the act of texting includes picture, video and audio messaging.


Texting code, also known as SMS or Short Message Service language, is used because early carriers of SMS limited the number of characters per message to 160 letters per message. Users found that by implementing abbreviated codes in place of common words and phrases, the...


In text message lingo, "FB" stands for Facebook. Social media abbreviations on Twitter include "FF" for Follow Friday and "MM" for Music Monday. Twitter also uses "DM" to indicate a direct message.