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Replacement parts for Bryant heaters can be purchased through an authorized dealer, the RepairClinic, Amazon.com or Reliable Parts websites. To locate a dealer, go to Bryant's website, and enter your zip code in the Find a Dealer by Zip Code field, in the upper right co...


To get Bryant furnaces manuals, visit Bryant.com or ManualsOnline.com. Search for the correct furnace model, and download it from the website. The websites do not require users to log in to access and download the manuals.


The Bryant Heating & Cooling website has a locator tool that allows users to find the nearest dealer that carries its furnaces and other products. Bryant furnaces can also be purchased online through HVAC retailers such as Express Overstock, auction sites such as eBay a...


A Bryant furnace, such as its two-stage model, can create noise during its various stages of operations, as well as due to issues that require maintenance or repair. When a Bryant furnace is first started up, popping and rattling sounds can be heard as the metal inside ...


The reviews for Bryant furnaces generally state that they are very reliable and efficient. However, there are a few complaints of a continuous need for replacement parts. Customers either love their furnaces or complain that the installation was poor.


Many models of Bryant furnaces, such as the Bryant 915S Legacy gas furnace, can be used without a chimney. These furnaces operate using a direct-vent system where exhaust gases can be directed through plastic pipes to a building's exterior instead of through a chimney.


Bryant furnaces get mixed reviews. TopTenReviews.com gives Bryant furnaces a rating of 9.8 out of 10, while Bryant furnace models listed on GasFurnaceGuide.com are rated between three and five stars as of 2016. FurnaceCompare.com has a mix of positive and negative ratin...