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A waxed hardwood floor is one where a wax is applied to the hardwood floor to protect the floor and give it a shiny appearance. Waxed floors were popular in the '40s, '50s and '60s.


According to the National Wood Flooring Association, a hardwood floor should only be waxed when buffing no longer restores the floor's shine. The time between waxing varies, depending on the traffic the floor receives, but usually averages out to once or twice per year.


As of 2014, there are several high-quality hardwood floor manufacturers, including Westhollow, Harris, Tarkett, Kahrs and North American Hardwood. The one that is best for you depends upon your needs.


Care for a hardwood floor by sweeping and vacuuming it regularly, cleaning it with a mop, using the right cleaners and using floor mats at high traffic areas. You need a broom, vacuum, mop, cleaners and mats.


In addition to common basic preventive and cleaning methods, such as placing mats in front of doors, vacuuming and sweeping regularly, there are also several lines of quality floor cleaners that can be used for a more thorough cleaning. Different cleaners go with different types and ages of hardwood


With the occasional deep cleaning, weekly vacuuming and the use of wood floor cleaners, cleaning hardwood floors becomes easier over time. Selecting a wood cleaner suitable for hardwood floors also ensures effectiveness and avoids damaging the floor.


Weekly cleaning of hardwood floors is best performed with an electrostatic dust mop that is effective at picking up dirt, dust, pet hair and dander. Over time, an electrostatic dust mop doesn't effectively remove all oil, dirt and grime buildup.


Cleaning hardwood floors is a matter of careful maintenance and preventative steps to stop damage from occurring before it has a chance to destroy a floor's finish. It is important to approach this process intentionally and carefully, as repairing damage to hardwood floors is expensive and time-cons


Wood species, color, board width, texture, hardness and finish are all consideration factors when choosing the best hardwood floor, according to HGTV. Be aware of the differences between solid and engineered wood flooring because these choices impact cost, installation and durability.


The best brands of hardwood flooring are Westhollow, North American Hardwood and Kahrs. These brands consistently receive top ratings for quality, appearance, durability, price, warranty options and customer satisfaction. Other notable flooring brands include Harris Taskett, Kahrs and Mannington.