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DO clean hardwood floors occasionally with Bruce® Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, using a soft-covered swivel-head mop. DON’T use water or steam on hardwood floors. DON’T clean your floors with products that can damage them, like ammonia-based or wax-based cleaners, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soaps, abrasive cleaning soaps, or ...


Use Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner with a microfiber or terry cloth mop cover. We do not recommend mopping with water. Use products designated for hardwood. Avoid these and other similar harsh products: like ammonia-based or wax-based cleaners, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soaps, ...


Bruce Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleanr - 64oz Refill - 2 Pack#R#Lundmark Dark & Beautiful, Heavy-Duty Liquid Paste Wax with Cleaners, 32-Ounce...#R#Rejuvenate Professional Wood Floor Restorer and Polish with Durable Finish Non...#R#Bruce Wood Finish Restorer For Urethane Top Coat 32oz


Solid Hardwood. Solid hardwood flooring is milled from a solid piece of 100% hardwood and topped with a protective finish.These floors are valued for their long-lasting beauty and durability. While they can be sanded and refinished several times if desired, you can also enjoy a look for life.


Appalachain-sourced Hickory, Oak and Maple. Bruce® solid hardwood flooring is made only from harder wood species, giving it greater dent resistance. We finish it with protective powers. All our styles have a protective finish to shield planks from wear. Our toughest products, coated in aluminum oxide, offer maximum scratch resistance.


Can I install solid and engineered hardwood flooring products on any level of my home? Solid flooring should only be installed on or above grade (the outdoor soil line). Engineered flooring can be installed on, above and below grade — including basements. ... Bruce Fresh Finish can be used to revitalize a worn urethane finished hardwood floor.


Bruce Fresh Finish is a Polish product from Bruce. Bruce Fresh Finish is a Polish product from Bruce. ... Where to Buy; Support; Search Close; Products; Pro Center; Resources; Support; Home; Products View All. Hardwood Flooring; Floor Care; Trims & Moldings; New! Pro Center Go; Resources View All; Where To Buy; 1-866-243-2726; View All Products ...


The Best Liquid Wax for Hardwood Floors. Howard Feed-N-Wax Wood Polish; Hope’s Floor Revive Floor Shine; Minwax High-Gloss Floor Reviver; Weiman High-Traffic Hardwood Floor Polish; Dura Seal Durafinish Liquid Floor Wax; Each of the products on this list was selected for its ability to protect your hardwood floor and create a shiny, beautiful ...


"Bruce Floor Care Kit" is a quick, easy-to-use cleaning kit for all no-wax hardwood floors. The Bruce Kit contains one 32 oz. bottle of "Bruce No-Wax Cleaner", one Bruce Mega-size mop with swivel handle that makes cleaning quick and easy, even under furniture, and one terry mop cover.. Everything you need to care for your urethane hardwood floor is right here!


Bruce Fresh Finish 32-fl oz Floor Polish at Lowe's. Fresh Finish from Bruce is a regular gloss urethane finish that adds shine and protects your hardwood floor from nicks and scratches. It is easy to apply,