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Your best option for a base coat to cover water stains on the ceiling is an oil-based, mold-resistant, stain-blocking primer in a shade closely matching that of the existing ceiling.


A water stain will form a dark yellowish color on your ceiling, in the shape of a slightly deformed halo. This yellowish color will soon turn into an ugly brown color, and in fact, it may even start off as brown in color right at the beginning.


Repaint the ceiling, not just the stain. Your first priority when you notice a brown stain on the ceiling is fixing the inevitable water leak. Then, it’s time to tackle the lingering ceiling stains. Before attempting to cover water stains on ceilings with paint, sand the stained area for a smoother finish. Fixing water stains on ceilings


The single most common cause of discolorations on the ceiling is water damage, either from a leaking pipe somewhere near the stain or water from another source such as a leaky roof or the run-off from a bathtub. Staining occurs when water seeps through an assortment of building material and permeates the gypsum-based drywall ceiling panels.


Causes & Solutions for Water Stains Whether you’re installing a new commercial roof or taking care of an existing system, it’s important to maintain your roof and address problems. You may not know you have a problem with your roof until you see signs inside your building, such as brown spots on your ceiling or puddles on your floor.


Common Sources of Water Stains. It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out from what area of the home the water is coming. Whether it’s the roof or an upstairs bathroom, whatever is above the ceiling is usually the source of your moisture problem. If you can’t identify a possible water source above the ceiling stain, you may have a leaky pipe ...


Brown water stains on a ceiling mean that water is collecting on the ceiling and that there is some form of leak. The obvious culprit is a leaky roof, but other issues can result in brown spots on the ceiling as well.


If you have a ceiling that has water stains due to a leak or whatever the case may be, you want to make sure that the cause of the damage is taken care of. Then you want to assess the damaged area and check for any loose drywall tape or sheetrock that seems soft and might break.


When water stains mar your ceiling, the water comes from above. Whether from the roof or a slow leak from a water pipe, the drip itself is more of a problem than the stain.


Why does a Ceiling Water Stain turn brown? Published January 20th 2017 Are you a PAINTER, CONTRACTOR or CONSULTANT? ... How to Remove Water Stains On Ceiling and Walls - DIY Vlog #9 - Duration: 17:26.