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FEATHER SIGNS & COLOUR MEANINGS. This article by Natalia Kuna was published in the magazine "Alive, So Make it Count!" ... On top of the general spiritual meanings of feathers, specific colours and colour combinations can also add extra meaning to aid in your interpretation, as you'll see in my Colour List further below. ... Brown and white ...


Although I saw brown feathers on a different locations on a different days. I decided to have a colorful feather and added 8 butterflies on my left arm. My friends asked me the meaning of it. For me, the feather is a symbol of a pen where we are the one who are writing or making our own life. Our life is colorful.


Additional Meanings. Signals practical help which alleviates your stress. Brown counteracts ageism, the sense of being ‘too old’ to start something new. The brown feather means assistance, if you need help with a problem in your base chakra region (sexual drive, fertility).


Feathers Appear When Angels Are Near: What Is The Meaning Of Finding Feathers? Posted on July 3, 2015 August 3, 2016 by wishingmoon Although our Angels are always near us, looking over us and protecting us, we very rarely know that they are there.


Share the love!64 64Shares Have you ever found a feather and wondered what it specifically meant? Please refer to the above chart to find out! Related article: The Messages Of Feathers In5D Addendum Gregg Prescott, M.S. Founder, Webmaster, & Editor, In5D.com In the article entitled, “This Is How The Anunnaki Took Control Of Humanity,” Robert Morning […]


Brown feather meaning. Brown is the color of earth - comforting, nurturing, stable and fertile. It has a feeling of the comforts of home, being cozy, safe and warm. A brown feather may be a reminder to keep a balanced perspective, to live life in moderation and to set healthy boundaries.


The feather may be golden-brown or golden-yellow, and may mean abundance or even enlightenment. Imagine a pillar of golden light flowing into your body from the above spiritual realms. It could be interpreted to mean limitless, spirituality, or non-judgment.


The colours of feathers have a meaning, white feathers for peace and calling a truce, peacock feathers for pride, red feathers for war and strength. On the direction of the angels I began to collect feathers and also to buy some dyed feathers.


I am often asked about feathers as signs and the meaning of the colour associated with them as signs from our angels. They send us signs that relate to us, ... Brown Feathers signify grounding ...


Brown feathers striped in black, like the tail feathers of a pheasant, give a balance between the physical and spiritual life. Brown feathers banded or mixed with white bring happiness and give the kind of protection that enables one to go unnoticed amidst those who would harm them. Brown and red mixed feathers bring healing to animals.