There were many Vietnam Bronze Star Medal recipients. According to the National Archives, limited military personnel information is available to the public. However, former service members or their immediate family membe... More »

During WWII, the Bronze Star was a medal awarded specifically to ground troops engaged between Dec. 6, 1941, and Sept. 2, 1945, in recognition of heroic or meritorious achievement on the field of battle. The medal came i... More »

An official government supplied list of Silver Star recipients from the Vietnam War does not exist. It is estimated that since the Silver Star decorations introduction in WWI, 100,000 to 150,000 Silver Stars have been aw... More » Government & Politics Military

The Hall of Valor section of the Military Times website has a database of over 70,000 people who have earned Silver Stars. A keyword search brings up those who received Silver Stars in Vietnam in 1968 and 1969. More »

The most comprehensive list of recipients of the Bronze Star Medal is available in the form of software provided by the American War Library. After downloading and installing the software, which provides access to the li... More »

As of 2013, there were approximately 7,391,000 living veterans who served during the Vietnam war. They are the largest group of veterans in the United States. More »

Find 1968 maps of Vietnam in encyclopedias or world atlases published in that year. Physical and online libraries may also have maps available upon request. You may also refer to the Perry-Castañeda Library map collectio... More » History Modern History Vietnam War