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The San Diego Zoo, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park, Woodland Park Zoo and the Houston Zoo all provide live animal cams at some of their exhibits. Depending on the zoo, viewers see animal babies being cared for or scheduled meal times.


The Bronx-bound 2 line serves the zoo's Bronx River entrance, also identified as gate B. Passengers should get off at the Pelham Parkway station and head west to the entrance. The Seventh Avenue express train (the 2 line) serves all most transited Manhattan stations, including 42nd and Times Square.


As of March 2015, New York's Workforce1 career center serves citizens the Bronx with three branches designed to put locals to work. The BronxWorks program also offers job search assistance and training to out-of-school youth ages 17 to 24.


Zoos teach young people about animals, which can help fuel interest in conservation. They also serve as rescue and rehabilitation areas. Zoos gives cities a valuable tourist attraction as well.


The San Diego zoo has a Panda Cam at zoo.sandiegozoo.org/cams/panda-cam. As of September 2015, the camera features Gao Gao, Bai Yun and Xiao Liwu and rotates between views of each enclosure. There are other animal cams that users can access from the Panda Cam page.


The Smithsonian Institution maintains the National Zoological Park's Giant Panda Cam. As of 2015, the Ford Motor Company Fund sponsors the Giant Panda Cam. The cam features two different angles and links to Facebook and Twitter where users can connect with other fans.


There are differing opinions about whether zoos are good or bad, but the most commonly accepted answer is that good zoos are a little of both as long as they promote conservation and animal welfare. There are also non-accredited zoos designed to make money, and these are usually bad.


Some neighborhoods in the Bronx are Arthur Avenue, Fordham, Grand Concourse, Pelham Bay Park and Woodlawn. Other Bronx neighborhoods are Riverdale, Throggs Neck, City Island, Castle Hill and University Heights. The Bronx is one of the five boroughs of New York City, New York.


Bronx Central Booking is a facility that completes processing of people who are arrested by the New York Police Department. After completion of all paperwork and processing, the arrested individual waits to appear before a judge in a legal process known as an arraignment, typically within 24 hours o


Zoos are good for animals, especially endangered animals, because they facilitate and encourage breeding to help get the populations of these animals back up to acceptable levels. Many zoos breed endangered animals and release them back into their native habitats.