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Bromic acid, also known as hydrogen bromate, is an oxoacid with the molecular formula HBrO 3. It only exists in aqueous solution. It is a colorless solution that turns yellow at room temperature as it decomposes to bromine. Bromic acid and bromates are powerful oxidizing agents and are common ingredients in Belousov-Zhabotinsky reactions.


Bromic acid is a bromine oxoacid. It is a conjugate acid of a bromate. from ChEBI. Contents. 1 Structures Expand this section. 2 3D Status. ... Bromic(V) acid. EINECS 232-158-3. hydroxidodioxidobromine. AC1L2NFX. AC1Q5B9R. AC1Q717S. CHEMBL1161635. DTXSID7064861. CTK5E5118. SXDBWCPKPHAZSM-UHFFFAOYSA-N.


Bromic acid is prepared by adding sulfuric acid to barium bromate. Ba(BrO 3) 2 + H 2 SO 4 → 2HBrO 3 + BaSO 4. The product is distilled and absorbed in water. A 50% solution may be obtained by slow evaporation of the dilute solution in vacuum at –12°C. Toxicity.

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Bromic acid definition is - an unstable strongly oxidizing acid HBrO3 known only in solution or in the form of its salts.


Hydrobromic acid is one of the strongest acid. It is even stronger than hydrochloric acid. It is used widely in various processes. This article deals with its properties, uses, and its production.


What Are Some Boric Acid Powder Uses? Boric acid solutions can be used to treat mild eye infections and external ear infections in both humans and pets. In powder form, boric acid can reduce sweating that leads to foot odor. It helps cure athlete’s foot and vaginal yeast infections.


Bromic acid definition, an acid, HBrO3, stable only in very dilute solutions, usually produced by the reaction of barium bromate with sulfuric acid: used chiefly as an oxidizing agent in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals. See more.


Boric acid is used to control pests such as ants, weevils, cockroaches and various types of beetles. Boric acid has been used to control a wide variety of pests such as ants, weevils, cockroaches and various types of beetles. It has also been used as a fungicide for citrus, a herbicide along rights-of-way, a fire retardant and a wood preservative.


Brómico Acid: Properties, Risks and Uses He Bromic acid , Also known as hydrogen bromate or bromic acid (V), is a chemical compound of the formula HBrO3. Brromic acid is a bromine oxacid with a structure analogous to chloric acid (EMBL-EBI, 2014). The compound is a very strong acid. Its structure is presented in Figure 1 (EMBL-EBI, 2008).


Properties. Bromic acid cannot be found pure. It can be found in a solution though. It is very corrosive and a strong oxidizing agent.It is similar to chloric acid.. Preparation. Bromic acid is made by adding a strong acid to a bromate such as sodium bromate.. Uses. Bromic acid can be used to make bromates, although it is not normally used.